Helvetica Type Specimen

Helvetica is a font family designed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger for the company called Haas Type foundry located in Switzerland.
Main idea behind producing the Helvetica was to craft a neutral, easy-going and accessible typeface that could both be a rival for Akzidenz Grotesk and usable in any kind of graphic application.

Original name of the typeface was “Neue Haas Grotesk” but it changed later when Linotype bought Haas Type Foundry. Name of the typeface reflects to “Helvetia” which means “Switzerland” in Latin.

Once published, Helvetica got so popular that it’s often called as the “ultimate” typeface. Novadays, we can see footmarks of this typeface in almost every aspect in our lives from logo and corporate identities to govermental signs. There’s even a movie for the type with the same name published in 2007.

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